Help center

Help Center in Mogilev

Address: Pervomayskaya street

8 (0222) 62-88-81,
169- for Mogilev and the districts of the region

monday– friday from 08.00 to 20.00;
saturday 09.00 до 17.20 (lunch from 13.00 to 13.20);
sunday, public holidays – closed.

Supervisor: Vitalyova Natalya Anatolyevna

The function of the help desk: providing information to the population, pharmaceutical and medical workers about the availability of medicines, medical products and other goods of the pharmacy range in the pharmacies of the enterprise on a gratuitous basis.

A short number "169" of the help desk of the state pharmacies is now available for the population of the districts of the Mogilev region. The number can be dialed from a landline phone (without the code of Mogilev).

The service is free of charge

Online Reservation

  • The Internet order is sent to the e-mail address of the referral center in Mogilev (hereinafter referred to as the "Information Center");
  • After processing the received order, the employees of the Information Center forward it to the e-mail address of the pharmacy of your choice;
  • The responsible person of the pharmacy reserves the goods for your name. Communicates with you (via phone/email) and invites you to purchase your goods at a time convenient for you;
  • Delivery of orders is carried out on weekdays (Monday - Friday), taking into account the mode of operation of the pharmacy, which you will be informed about. On other days the delivery is carried out upon agreement of the pharmacy with you;
  • Prescription medicines will be sold only if a prescription is available;
  • Nonprescription medicines are sold in accordance with the current legislation;
  • The order is paid for at the pharmacy upon receipt;
  • At the expiration of the contractual period of the order (within 24 hours from the reservation of the goods), it is canceled.