General information

Mogilev RUE "Pharmacy"

state pharmacy network of the Republic of Belarus

Mogilev RUE "Pharmacy" is:

  • 240 pharmacies;
  • pharmacy warehouse;
  • control and analytical laboratory;
  • referral center;
  • manadgement department.


Tasks of the enterprise

  1. Well-timed supply of the population with prescription and nonprescription medicines, including on the gratuitous and on privileged basis, within the list of essential medicines; medical products, as well as goods of pharmacy range;
  2. Well-timed supply of the needs of health facilities in medicines, medical products and other goods of the pharmacy range;
  3. Ensuring quality control of medicines;
  4. Pharmacy manufacture of medicines by prescriptions of the doctor and applications of health organizations;
  5. Provision of information on medicinal products and their availability in pharmacies of the enterprise to the population and health institutions on a gratuitous basis;
  6. Improvement of the system for selling medicines;
  7. Identification of the need for medicines and medical products in accordance with the profile, the specificity of work of the affiliated organizations and the demand of the population;
  8. Organization of externship for students of educational institutions of pharmaceutical profile and internships of their graduates on a gratuitous basis;
  9. Maintenance of a stable financial condition and effective management of the enterprise;
  10. Strengthening the material and technical base of the enterprise;
  11. Raising the professional level of pharmaceutical workers. Development of human resources;
  12. Improvement of the material and technical base of pharmacies, a control and analytical laboratory and a pharmacy warehouse.


Pharmacies of the enterprise perform social functions

Patient care on gratuitous and privileged prescriptions Pharmaceutical manufacture of medicinal products Realization of medicines at wholesale prices to health care institutions Medicinal services for the inhabitants of rural areas

Medicinal services for the inhabitants of rural areas are carried out by 45 pharmacies and 326 health workers of health organizations (feldsher-midwife station, rural medical ambulance station)

Mogilev RUE "Pharmacy" is the only pharmacy network in Mogilev region, pharmacies of which carry out the manufacture of medicines by an individual prescription of a doctor.


The assortment of goods sold by the enterprise exceeds 7,000 items. In addition to medicines you can buy medical products, perfumes and cosmetics, biologically active additives, items of children's assortment and much more in the pharmacies of our company.


All medicines that enter the pharmacy network of the enterprise undergo strict quality control in the Mogilev Control and Analytical Laboratory accredited for compliance with STB ISO/IEC 17025 in the national accreditation system of the Republic of Belarus (accreditation certificate BY/112 1.0373, valid until 26.12.2021).


If you use the services of the referral center (phone "169", the number can be dialed from a landline phone without a code of Mogilev), you can find out information about the availability of medicines, medical products and other pharmacy products in almost any pharmacy in our company. The information is available to residents of not only Mogilev and Bobruisk, but also other areas of the Mogilev region.

The management of the enterprise conducts all its multifaceted work in close contact with public organizations: the United Trade Union of Mogilev RUE "Pharmacy", the republican public association of pharmaceutical workers «Pharmabel» и BRSM.

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